1. Do I have to register in order to use the website

Yes, in order to create your own auctions and bid on existing ones you have to be registered.

2. Why do I have to give you my billing and shipping address

You do not have to do this. You can just put in dummy data on registration (or just leave it as it is). However it smoothens the user experience by alot. This information is displayed ONLY to the users who you do trades with on the platform. For example, after you win an auction, your shipping address will be shown to the seller so he can send the card to your address without the need to contact you. Similarly, you will be shown the billing info of the seller so you can make the payment. Additionally, you will get each others mobile phone number, so you can contact each other and agree on the card payment and shipping method. All information is private.

3. What are the basic auction rules

All auctions last for 24h after the last bid, and are closed automatically after that. When bidding on the auction you will always bid the minimum amount for now. (There is still no option to bid the custom amount on auctions, but will be in the future). Minimum amounts are
25 RSD for auctions less then 500 RSD price.
50 RSD for auctions from 500 too 1000 RSD in price
100 RSD for auctions with price greater then 1000 RSD

4. How do I create an auction?

Once you log in, you can create auctions from the "Create auction" page. You need to provide the EXACT card name, price and quantity (Max quantity is 4 for now). When creating the card in the background the API call will be made which will get the image for your card in order to display it. At the moment the art is from a random MTG set, but in the future users will be able to select their card edition and also write some additional info about cards.

5. I have created an auction, what now?

Sit back and relax. Your auctions last for 24 hours since the last bid. However this 24h timer starts only after the first bid is made. So you do not have to worry about recreating your auctions if nobody bids on them, they will last infinitely. On "My auctions" page you can see all your current auctions, as well as highest bidders etc. Once the auction is finished, you will be able to access the buyer information from this page by clicking the "SOLD" button.

6. I made my bid, what now?

After you make a bid, this card will appear in "My bids" section. Here you can track all your cards that you bid on. Even if somebody outbids you, that information will be shown here and you will be presented with the option to bid on it again. If you remain highest bidder for 24h. You will be deemed auction winner and you will be able to access the seller information (their payment info and mobile phone).